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P12 Battery Chargers


P12 Battery

Charger Remote


A four stage, three output, dry

mount device designed for use in

harsh environments.

Indicates battery charger stage and

alerts as well as controlling basic

battery charger functions.

EV Battery

Charger Display


Intuitive battery monitoring.

Sure Eject


Automatic AC disconnect

ejects power cords upon

ignition to prevent damage.

Batteries are the heart of the electrical system and are often the single largest

electrical expense.

Batteries are sensitive to failure and a shortened life if not charged properly. Modern battery chemistries

require adherence to manufacturers’ charging recommendations. Battery manufacturers agree precise

control of voltage, time, and temperature is critical. Batteries may perform poorly and fail prematurely due

to a charger's failure to properly manage these functions. A well designed battery charger will allow these

variables to be correctly set for the requirements of each battery type and will manage them properly in the

charging process.